Danilo Ignacio

Understanding various levels of the entertainment industry through acquired knowledge and experience via; internship, freelance as well as a successful Dancer/Choreography career over the years.  Danilo is a master choreographer, dancer, singer and television personality who has trained or worked with many major superstars from “Mariah Carey” to “Boyz II Men”.  He’s also trained the Latin pop act, “Medina” to perform on massive arena stages, all while coaching an R&B act for a high caliber talent showcase at SONY studios, NYC, for Columbia Records.

Danilo was a dancer on the famous “Grind” show on MTV, as well as at the “Palladium”, “Union Square”, “The Saint”, and “Latin Quarters” nightclub in NYC, he was also in the Fox 5 “Latin Connection” show.  He has hosted a variety of TV shows and clubs in NYC like the famous “Octagon Club”, the “Street Funk” TV Show and “C.I.B. in Motion” talk show.Entering the industry primarily as a Dancer via; business opportunity in conjunction with Sobers&Son Present (family business), as Assistance Coordinator/Choreographer for debutante ball, sweet sixteen, weddings and social events.  With the knowledge and understanding that dancing was not just a wise career move but a gift from a higher being.  The art of movement was then incorporated in Danilo everyday lifestyle placing Sobers&Son Present (family business) in a new direction, focusing on receiving worldwide recognition.  Hip-Hop is knowlonger just A Tri-State interest, it was time to take “The Show On The Road”, with creativity and leadership on Danilo side, being a choreographer becomes just the first step to success.  Danilo was offered a solo choreographer deal with General T Management for upcoming Rap artist/group “The Dis Master”, and female Rap group “DVS”.  Quickly becoming a road manager on those first leg tours gave him the breathing ground for enhancing other 

skills from, show concepts to marketing & promotion, graphics, consultation, as well as film & video production.  Touring from England, Italy, Germany, France, Vancouver, Toronto, Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, in addition to the United States 66 city tour dates.

After a world wide courtship with the industry, the growth of Hip-Hop music and the constant travel at such a young age forced Danilo to settle back and shy away from the industry.  With education goals to become more versed in business administration, sociology, and multi-media production and an overwhelming yearning for the spotlight lead him back to the open doors of the industry.  This time as an entrepreneur endeavoring on new paths of accomplishments as well as the enrichment of his career, Danilo returns to the industry not only as a Dancer/Choreographer but also as co-publisher/creative advisor for “Colour Is Beautiful” magazine.With news magazine programs popping up everywhere on television, Danilo co-created “C.I.B. in Motion” a television program which was an extension of “Colour is Beautiful” magazine.  Airing on varies cable networks formulated as a unique upscale advertising tool for models, actors, singers, dancer, designer and stylist, overall talent who has not yet received that peak status.  A dramatic achiever who has pursued a career within the entertainment industry by utilizing his skills on becoming an entertainer from Actor/Choreographer, public speaker, anchor/host, to activist who understood varies levels of the entertainment industry.Recognizing that television and radio was a key component in establishing hip-hop movement within the early 80’s by successfully captivating viewers and listeners across the world, grass root entrepreneur who understood that the solution to their economic development was to embrace the self sustaining revue power within the urban commercial media industrial market place (ie. YOU’RE TELEVISION).  With the implementation of ChannelLive TV creating new imagers that are gender positive recognition of Urban America will create a more well rounded local and national audience 

in the face of the new global community.  As technology brings the world closer, a clear understanding of urban America’s critical link continues to grow economically, political, and socially.

And there you have it ChannelLive TV were we offer you the opportunity to make your dreams reality.  The vision of the network is to inform, reeducate, entertain, and empower urban communities with programs that are reality base.  


Dick Woelfle – Founder

Currently, the creator of Network 125 and Channel 125 boasting millions of viewers on this global internet TV network. Dick has more than a decade of entertainment industry experience. He produced and directed Nature’s Power Nature’s Peace, a successful relaxation video. He produced and directed Be Extreme, a weekly TV magazine program that aired for 4 years in  New York City and Buffalo.  He produced Lite N’ Up, a weekly healthy living radio program that aired on WBEN radio. He frequently has been the guest host on Fix The City on WBNY radio. Woelfle has produced radio commercials for Friendship Dairies, Stoneyfield Farms, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield and television commercials for Reuters and Manhattan Model Search. He produced O’ New York, a Hindi TV pilot that was featured at the 2003 New York Film Festival. Through One World Artists he has been involved in music video production for SmartTrax and MJ Medina and co-produced “Do The Five” for the  National Hemophiliac Association.  He has also produced demo CDs for a number of singers. You can listen here. Currently, Dick is the creator and executive produser of Revelation 125, a popular web series with over a million views. You can watch it here.  Woelfle is also the managing director of Choice Model and Talent Management in New York City and of Smart Trax, LLC,

Dick Woelfle provides streaming services for Network 125, Channel 125, Channel Live TV, Combat TV, Knockout Radio,  A Chat With Glendora, One World Artists, SkateDance, MJ Medina,  Joel Rothschild, SmartTrax, Talking Politics, and Secret Justice. More than 20 million people from all over the world have watched videos streamed by Woelfle.

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